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SilkPeel, HydraFacial, and Dermabrasion: What Are the Differences?

For patients that want to remove dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, and other debris, SilkPeel, HydraFacial, and dermabrasion may be suitable solutions.

While all three treatments are noninvasive, seek to exfoliate the epidermis, and require minimal downtime, there are some notable distinctions between them.

So, when it comes to SilkPeel, HydraFacial, and Dermabrasion, what are the differences?

Continue reading to learn about each procedure’s mechanism of action, key benefits, and possible disadvantages.

SilkPeel, HydraFacial, and Dermabrasion: What Are the Differences?


SilkPeel is a noninvasive skincare solution that uses a spinning, coarse head and suction to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt, oil, bacteria, and other imperfections.

At the same time, the treatment infuses a unique blend of proprietary serums that can specifically target pigmentary issues, offer antiaging benefits, combat acne and oily skin, improve hydration, and enhance overall skin tone and texture.

Patients will be pleased to learn that SilkPeel tips are designed for single-use only, and serum solutions are individually packaged to maintain freshness and efficacy.


HydraFacial employs a vacuum-sealed wand to exfoliate dead skin cells and build-up, while spraying serums onto the skin. Throughout the course of the treatment, skin debris and pore-clogging substances are collected in a container.

While most patients find the procedure comfortable, some report prolonged redness post-treatment.

It’s also worth noting that HydraFacial only offers superficial penetration and uses the same treatment tip from patient to patient. Additionally, infusion solutions are stored in large-containers, where they may be exposed to air and light.


When it comes to comparing SilkPeel, HydraFacial, and Dermabrasion, dermabrasion is the most superficial approach.

That’s because it only removes dead skin cells via a coarse wand and vacuum mechanism.  Serums and skin care products are not infused and must be applied manually.

Treatment takes just 10-15 minutes, making it a quick and cost-effective, albeit less thorough, option.

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