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Tattoo Removal Non-Laser Treatment at Astoria Laser Clinic

Tattoff with model WHTWhat is new and much better than Laser Tattoo Removal



The art of tattooing has significantly advanced through the years, making the removal process more difficult. With new high density color pigment and more multi colored designs, tattoo removal, using existing methods, has been unsuccessful. A global leading company has recognized the gap in the market for an effective treatment for the ever growing demand for tattoo removal and has introduced the TattOff.

The TattOff is a versatile system that delivers precision tattoo removal and targeted skin rejuvenation. The TattOff uses non-laser and non-thermolytic technology removing all tattoo inks anywhere on the body.

How it works

During treatment a specialized lactic acid compound is gently infused to the depth of unwanted ink deposits. Subsequent micro-trauma cascades regenerative response, which forms a vibrant scab that physically draws the tattoo pigment up as part of the renewal process. Once the scab falls off, so does the unwanted tattoo color. Suitable for the permanent removal of professional and amateur tattoos.

Small circles are created over the surface of your tattoo. We leave a space in between each circle and these areas will be treated in subsequent sessions. The spacing strategy helps with the healing process and minimizes the chance of scarring.


Less Pain than Laser

The Tattoff has been described as being much less painful than a laser, and even less painful than the initial tattoo procedure itself. but if you do have a low pain tolerance, a topical anaesthetic is apply 1 hour prior treatment to minimize any potential discomfort.  Tattoff  is less time because most tattoos can be removed in 4-8 treatments as opposed to 10-14 laser treatments and it will not damage your natural skin pigment.

Quicker Results, Less Downtime and safer

TattOff is faster than other methods, as the process requires pigmented skin to be treated only one time. Unlike laser removal that breaks down pigment ingredients and deposits them in critical organs of the body, TattOff uses the body’s natural healing process to expel the pigment.


Call us today at (703) 992-9290 or visit our Vienna, Virginia clinic to get more information on how our new and much better than Laser Tattoo Removal technology can help remove your unwanted tattoo.


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